Local Knowledge. Integrity. Real Estate.

We work hard to ensure you sell or purchase your home EFFECTIVELY and Strategically.

And we understand your home is not just any piece of property, but is a hard earned investment that holds many precious memories. Therefore we are honored to work hard at meeting your financial and lifestyle goals.

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Meet Alex Rossie

Alex and his wife are both natives to Virginia and have a wide experience living and working internationally. They have traveled to countries all over the world for the sake of inviting others to know the extravagant love of God, and they truly value the relationships and life stories of those they meet.

Alex trained as a mountain guide, certified as a wilderness first responder, speaks Spanish, drinks his coffee black, and in his spare time he loves to explore, fly fish, and climb.

As a licensed Virginia realtor he is committed to meeting your real estate goals. 






"Alex did a awsome job he was always up to date with everything. He takes care of everything and always kept us informed. Highly recommend him" Billy C.

"Alex professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. My house went under contract 2 days after we put it on the market at full asking price. I highly recommend Alex if you are selling your home." Freda T.

"Great agent. Great guy. Always put us first and our wants and wished." Jimmy S.

"Top notch agent with a huge heart! Such a pleasure working with Alex!" Sherrie S.

"Alex has the characteristics that make a great realtor; integrity, promptness and a love for people. Professional, competent and excellent are also words that describe who Alex is as an agent. I highly recommend Alex and can say with confidence that you can TRUST him to buy/sell your home." James B.

"Alex is a phenomenal agent! He goes above and beyond to help his clients and truly cares! I would recommend Alex to anyone!" Caitlin A.

"Always there to help. More focused on you and your family being happy with a home, he sees you as a person not a payday. He was very accommodating to our crazy work schedule. The day we found the house we called him and he was there shortly after on a Sunday without ever talking to us or meeting us before that day." Angela

"Alex has done a super job so far with helping us. We have not found the home we want yet, but he goes way beyond is setting appts. up and showing us homes. He is very patient and understanding of what our requirements are. By all means give him a call." Linda

It has been a privilege to earn the trust of so many, and I'm honored to share their recommendations.





While pursing excellence and professionalism I also take a relational approach to the work I provide.

From my perspective home transactions are a multi faceted endeavor.

Not only does this decision impact large financial goals, it is also full of new terms, legalities, and contractual components. For many clients this next step is the biggest financial decision of their life, securing a place to start their marriage, raise their children, or even an investment to fund leisure or retirements. 

I believe great agents provide top notch marketing and negotiating. We have great experience in providing crisp HDR photography and being ahead of the game with online advertising.

However to stop there would be a compromise. I also consider it a great responsibility to be my client's guide, carrying the heart of teacher throughout the process.


Our Core Values

Local Knowledge

When it comes to making an informed decision on where to live or invest, you must know the area, comps, market, and the distinct features that define your community.

For this reason I hold in high regard the pursuit of being locally informed and knowledgable. 


A Non Negotiable.

This is a trait that carries with me in not just personal life , but also my business. I believe in treating all persons the way I would want to be treated and my decisions flow from this perspective and value.

Real Estate

 I deal in residential property or land for both private and investment purposes.

As a licensed Virginia real estate agent, backed by a solid locally owned and independent brokerage, and strengthened by a team of experienced agents we have your best interest in mind when it comes to selling or buying your property.

If you have any interest in selling or buying a home we would be happy to start a conversation regarding the next steps and process.

Please follow the button below to contact Alex Rossie and we will respond promptly.